Our Story

The above photo was taken in 1892 and shows the valley we look at every day where the pears and apples were once planted and then stored in our apple shed only meters away. The road at the river was dirt, and there were railway tracks on the jetty to send fruit bins to the ships in the Tamar for transport to the mainland and England.

My husband (and wine making partner) and I had some odds and ends in the winery from the Marion’s Vineyard estate, which we blended together on the tasting bench for fun. We liked it so much we blended it to tank and bottled it. There was a white and a red estate grown field blends with no home for them. So that is when we decided to give a home to Beautiful Isle Wines and had an artist incorporate the art of the Haven and Beautiful Isle labels you can see below. These two labels are iconic in fruit label art and are two of the brightest, friendliest apple crate art prints we found in the old apple shed. They fit our wines perfectly.  The brand has grown and we now source exceptional fruit from many vineyards in the Tamar Valley.  The word 'Fancy' was used in the 1930's to indicate top quality fruit. Fancy Wine! Fancy That!